Weeknight Shortcuts For Healthy Dinners

Weeknight Shortcuts for Healthy Dinners

(Healthcastle.com) Weeknights can be packed and often a well balanced dinner falls to the wayside, or flavour and fun get left out of the equation. These 4 weeknight shortcuts will help you pack in the nutrients and variety you crave, even on a schedule.


Often maligned, there are tons of healthy options out there. Look for leaner meats like turkey or bison, and ingredient lists that don’t contain much in the way of unrecognizable gunk. I grab a bunch from JD turkey farms in Langley (Bratwurst and Chorizo are my faves!) and keep them in the freezer. They defrost in a sinkful of cool water in just a few minutes and go with just about anything. Slice and sautee with heaps of peppers or boil or grill and toss in a whole grain bun with a big side salad.

Pre Cut “Slaw”

Mix it up between broccoli and cabbage slaw (both easy to find where the mixed greens usually are) for a hefty dose of cancer fighting nutrients any day of the week. Toss the dressing (if it comes with one) and throw together a quick vinaigrette and you’ve got an incredibly healthy, crunchy and satisfying swap for regular salad. It keeps for a couple of days already dressed so it a huge help for making lunches on the fly.

Spice Blends

We’re not all born with creativity in the kitchen, and some weeknights time is too tight to experiment. DIY or storebought spice blends make seasoning veggies and proteins quick and easy without having to sit down to a bland and boring meal. Find some of my favourites here.

The Broiler

An underused kitchen tool, the broiler is for more than just browning the tops of desserts. I tend to cook fish a couple inches underneath as it cuts the time way down compared to baking and leaves a nice crust on top. You can even throw a tray of quick cooking veggies like broccoli, peppers or cauliflower underneath (tossed with a bit of olive oil and spices) for a great side dish in 5 minutes flat. They’ll have a bit of crunch and colour without being wilted or mushy.

How do you get weeknight meals on the table? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

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