Top 5 Cozy Fall Slow Cooker Recipes for Healthy Homes

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( Fall is officially here, and the weather isn't starting to take a turn for the chilly side. Cook up these cozy fall slow cooker recipes to make fuss free and healthy meals in to crave worthy comfort food. 

Tips and Equipment: 

Slow cookers are a boon to any busy household. I like to set thim in the morning on the weekend, let the mouthwatering smells fill up the house before dinner and then save leftovers to eat all week long. 

  • When cooking meat, always give it a quick sear or browning in a pan before throwing it in the slow cooker. This gives that lovely outer texture and caramelized flavour that so many slow cooker-only recipes lack. 
  • Leave fresh herbs and delicate veggies out until the last 30 minutes to hour to preserve their flavour and colour. 
  • Go easy on the salt during cooking as the flavours will develop over the longer cooking time. Taste at the end and at more if needed. Adding too much early on often results in an overly salty dish, particularly if you're using broth or soy sauce. 
  • Chicken thighs are much more forgiving than chicken breast for low and slow recipes. They also pack more iron and flavour, so try switching it up!
  • Don't forget to fill out your plate with at least half veggies- simple, fresh salads are a great side to heavier slow cooker recipes and take little time to whip up last minute. 

Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

Pumpkin Maple Baked Beans & Cornbread Casserole from Oh She Glows

Sweet and Sour Beef and Cabbage Soup  - a light and phytonutrient packed bowl!

Slow Cooker Black Bean Enchiladas - look for whole grain tortillas and go easy on the cheese to make a drool worthy dinner that won't break the calorie bank. 

Slow Cooker Beef Bolognese  This classic pasta sauce makes a great topping for spaghetti squash and freezes beautifully. Substitute lentils for beef and omit the bacon for a lovely vegetarian version. 

Red lentil, Peanut and Sweet Potato Soup

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