Tired of Kale? Get Out Of Your Greens Rut With These

Super Greens To Get You Out Of The Kale Rut

(Healthcastle.com) Kale deserves its share of the spotlight, but there are plenty of other super greens that are ready and waiting to break you out of a boring greens routine. Check out my top picks for great kale substitutes below!

Cookin’ Greens:

  • Mustard Greens: (pictured above, centre) With a nice chewy texture, much like kale, these traditional greens have a lovely bite that stands up to heavier dishes like pasta. They also sautee up with garlic and olive oil beautifully. Keep an eye out for them at your farmer’s market. To use, just cut out the tough centre ribs and slice away!
  • Bok Choy: Aside from adorableness, bok choy is a great substitute in cooked dishes. It's leaves become tender quickly while the stems remain a bit crisp making them the perfect addition to stir frys and steamed veggie medleys. Don’t feel like you have to use them in Asian inspired dishes, this cruciferous green has a fairly mild flavour, especially if you get the baby bok choy. A big bonus is that bok choy tends to be inexpensive and plentiful, at least here in BC.

bok choy

Salad Stars:

  • Arugula: This peppery green is also called Rocket. With tender, crispy leaves, arugula spices up salads with it’s unique texture and flavour without overwhelming the other ingredients. This cruciferous green lends a bit of class to a dish while amping up the nutrition with the natural anti-inflammatory nutrients that this veggie family is so famous for.
  • Spinach: Although not as glamourous as kale or arugula, spinach is a certified super-green in it’s own right. Packed full of iron, folate and Vitamin C this green was Popeye’s favourite for good reason. Not to mention,  it is fairly inexpensive, and has a mild flavour and tender leaves that will please just about anyone! The versatile green goes great in salads and stands up to punchy dressings, and is delicious cooked or blended in to a green smoothie.

What greens are a staple in your house? How do you use them? Share with us in the comments below!


Pictures courtesy of:  Tim Sackton  & Dollen

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