Smart Hydration: Not Just For Athletes

Stay Hydrated

( Hydration is key to performance and general health year round, find out why and how to keep yourself hydrated whether you’re conquering the soccer field or that pile of paperwork in your office.

Control cravings

Did you know that thirst often masquerades as a craving?  If you find yourself hungry for no real reason, try drinking something first. You’ll be surprised at this sneaky reason you’re dreaming of junk food mid-afternoon.

Boost brain power

Research in both healthy and less healthy populations has consistently shown that even mild dehydration can have a negative effect on certain aspects of cognitive function – a fancy way of saying that alertness, focus/concentration, and short-term memory will suffer. Keep yourself awake during class and on the ball at work by drinking early in the day, and keeping up with it no matter where you are. I don’t know about you, but work is hard enough as it is!

Pump up performance

Hydration is your best friend whether you’re a gym newbie or a pro athlete, research is pretty clear- good hydration helps prolong both the time you can perform as well as affect the quality (whether that’s speed on the track or reps in the gym). Even mild dehydration can leave you feeling drained long before you’ve actually reached your limits.  

What to drink?

For day to day needs, stick with mostly plain or carbonated water. When choosing other fluids look for ones that are antioxidant and nutrient rich like anti-oxidant rich pure 100% orange juice, fresh fruit and veggie smoothies for fibre and unsweetened coffee and tea for flavanoids.

For really sweaty, hot, or long workouts you may need extra electrolytes and glucose to replenish what is lost and increase the rate of fluid absorption. Skip the sports drinks and go with something more natural, like adding pure orange juice to your water for a much needed dose of potassium, fluid and vitamin C. The citrus family is a great choice for a homemade sports drink as they are naturally high in potassium and the extra boost of vitamin C helps with tissue repair post workout. Coconut water is another good choice, but on the pricey side.

How do you stay hydrated? Share your ideas for natural hydration in the comments below.


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