3 Steps To Stay Nourished On The Go

spiced nut mix

(Healthcastle.com)Learn these three steps to fortify your diet through nutrient dense whole foods and be selective about pre-packed snacks to get keep you well nourished, even on the go.

Plan for success

If you have long days or are on the road a lot you need to keep energy boosting snacks handy. Keep your car, office and bags stocked with something healthy and portable to get you through long days, hikes and workouts. 

Granola bars aren’t everyday food, but they can keep you on track by preventing trips to the vending machine for empty calories. Look for at least 4 grams of fibre and 3 + grams of protein.  Both stabilize blood sugar and deliver a nice extended energy boost. The ingredient list should be foods you recognize, clean and simple. Compare calories last and choose something that fits your energy budget. Nuts and dried fruit make a great homemade option and keep well in an airtight bag. I use about 1 part nuts to 2 parts dried fruit to get a slow energy boost without overdoing it on calories. 

Make Healthy Eating Delicious

If you’re busy your tired self will probably hear the call of take out or fast food if your homemade meals and snacks are boring.

Hate plain yogurt or oatmeal but trying to skip the fake flavours found at the store? Add a few spoonfuls of all natural juice, applesauce, or a sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla extract for sweetness and an antioxidant boost. For a smoothie that will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the sugar bank try this sunshine-y shake: Frozen mango, banana, oats (uncooked, skim milk or water and a scoop of your favourite natural protein powder.

Perk up your meals with fresh and dried herbs and spices. That parsley and those green onions are just dying to make it out of the crisper and on to your plate. If you hate chopping garlic, get a garlic press, whatever you need to do to make adding flavour simple and timeline friendly. Throw lemon and orange slices on fish before tossing in the oven for a citrus-y punch.

Bored with grains- try dressing them! Rice and quiona can be bland on their own but a vinaigrette with a bit of bite really brings them to life. Whisk a bit of olive oil, a good dose of lemon juice or your favourite vinegar, and spices (paprika, turmeric, salt and pepper is a recent favourite here) and drizzle on.

Indulge Mindfully

Now we all deviate once in a while- and that’s good! Any diet should have wiggle room to keep it sustainable. My work constantly reminds me that life is too short to feel deprived or regimented.  Use nutrient dense foods to balance out your indulgences.

Cocktails on a Friday night? Use frozen pureed fruit or  juice cubes to boost anti-oxidants in a way no mix like soda can.
Sunday night dessert- be mindful to enjoy every bite of one serving and include some fruit. Crumbles and crisps are family favourites that still nourish.

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