11 Ways To Enjoy Fresh Berries

mixed fresh berries

(Healthcastle.com) Here in beautiful British Columbia, berry season has arrived! Check out these 11 ways to use the bounty of fresh berries while they last.

Benefits of Berries:

Berries are the nutrition powerhouse of the fruit world. They are more than just a pretty face! They are typically high in gut friendly fibre and also a great source of phytonutrients (particularly anthocyanins) and vitamin C. These nutrients are a must for lowering inflammation and soaking up free radicals – the cause of some of the early and chronic damage to our cells. Blueberries have shown promise in research on many fronts from lowering blood pressure to slowing Alzheimer’s. Blackberries are especially high in fibre and have the smallest effect on blood sugar of the group. Strawberries contain quercetin, another anti-inflammatory phytonutrient being studied for cancer prevention possibilities among others. If that’s not enough reason to eat more berries, than I don’t know what is. Best of all they are totally delicious, healthy shouldn’t have to be bland.

11 Ways To Use Your Beautiful Berries: 

  1. Puree and freeze in to ice cube trays. Blend up with yogurt, banana and other smoothie mix-ins when you’re ready for a refreshing, icy treat.
  2. Better yet, make delicious, guilt free popsicles in only a few minutes with these recipes.
  3. Throw a handful in to your water bottle for a fresh spin on plain water all day long.
  4. Looking for a refreshing breakfast? Try muesli. Combine 1 cup berries, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup yogurt and 1/3 cup milk, sprinkle of cinnamon and splash of vanilla. Let sit over night for a light and cool way to start the day. Google overnight oats or muesli for more ideas on how to spice up your morning oats.
  5. Freeze spread out on a baking sheet before transferring loose berries to re-sealable freezer bags. Save for the winter when you’re craving some local freshness.
  6.  Have a big bowl of berries with a dollop of greek or Mediterranean yogurt, or even a few spoonfuls of homemade whipped cream for a whole food nutrient rich dessert.
  7. Blueberries and raspberries make great salad additions! Toss a handful on mixed greens with a few crumbles of feta to spice up your usual salad.
  8. Make a crisp. In season berries are naturally sweet. Cut out (or way down) on the usual added sugar and let their natural flavours shine. Throw in some vanilla and chopped mint for a fresh take on the classic.
  9. Pair with pork or beef. The flavour of raspberries and cherries stand up particularly well and bring out the best in your meal. Recipes here , here and here.
  10. Make your own healthy gelatin desserts. I make mine with berry puree and this gelatin made from grassfed beef or humanely raised pork. Recipes here, here and here.
  11. Enjoy them on their own, in all their fresh, juicy glory. Snacking doesn’t get much healthier or easy than that!

What’s your favourite way to enjoy berries? Share with us in the comments below!

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