10 Ways To Sneak Extra Vegetables In Without Overhauling Your Diet

10 easy ways to sneak extra veggies in without overhauling your diet

(Healthcastle.com) Your mother was on to something when she told you to eat your vegetables. At least half of the food you eat should be comprised of veggies no matter what diet tribe you may follow. Vegetables provide fibre to feed our friendly gut bacteria and keep our digestive system toned and are the top source of most vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients we need to renew and repair each day. They balance blood sugar for steady energy and keep our tummies satisfied. So without further ado check out these ten tips for packing a little more of these natural health boosters in each day. 

  1. Toss reheated leftover greens such as kale or spinach on your breakfast sandwich. Feeling like you need a reset? Replace the bread completely with a big bed of garlicky sautéed spinach topped with a gooey fried egg- it’s heaven, I promise!
  2. Toss a handful of mild flavoured greens like kale or spinach in to your smoothie.
  3. Blend avocado in to a creamy pasta sauce, sounds weird but is oh so good! Recipe here.
  4. Use leftover roasted veggies in a wrap or sandwich
  5. Blend roasted red peppers in to crushed tomatoes for a nutrient rich base for a pasta sauce
  6. Add big handfuls (one for each serving) of arugula or spinach in to curries or stir fries last minute. They’ll both soften quickly and arugula adds a peppery bite that livens up any dish.
  7. Spread avocado on toast in place of butter. 
  8. Try spaghetti squash in place of  pasta for a filling but low carb and vitamin rich meal.
  9. Make cauliflower “rice” – it has a great texture and is packed full of the powerhouse nutrients the cruciferous family provides. One of our favourite recipes at home is a bright and crunchy cauliflower taboulleh, recipe coming to the blog soon! Its actually quicker and easier to make than regular rice!
  10. Try blending cooked cauliflower or parsnips in to mashed potatoes to increase the nutrient density and lower the glycemic load.

How do you get your veggies in? Share your ideas in the comments below. 

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